Summer 2019 SS Freestyle Air Academy Program

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SS Freestyle Summer Air Academy gets skiers the skills they need to send the tricks they want to do... safely and progressively. Trampoline and Water Ramping are activities required to create strong air skills for freestyle skiers.  

SS Freestyle Air Academy Locations 

  • Air House Trampoline and Parkour - Kelowna
  • Apex Water Ramp - Oliver
  • Freestyle Canada Water Ramp - Whistler

Trampoline Programs

SS Freestyle has partnered with Air House in Kelowna to offer SS Freestyle Club participants the training needed to reach athletes individuals goals and build fundamental freestyle air skills.  Check out the Air House programs and mention you are with the SS Freestyle Club.  Wade or Svin can also recommend what direction to take with trampoline and your acrobatic training. Having strong skills on the trampoline and in gym is the key having success on the water ramps.  As new program options become available they will be listed here.

Water Ramp Camps and Introductory days

If you can jump on snow then you might as well jump on water!!!  Water is one of the safest and progressive ways to get comfy in your air skills.  Here is a couple options SS Freestyle is offering this summer:

Introductory days -  If your new to ramping please consult with what your plan should before committing to a camp.  Feel free to consult with Wade or one of you coaches prior to signing up for water ramping. This day is usually the first day of one of the SS Freestyle ski camps. 

Here is are 5 prerequisites to aim for prior to starting water ramp training:

  1. It is best if you can aggressively ski a black diamond run 
  2. Be comfortable doing a "jump 90 degree turn" on a slope.
  3. Confidently hit Small jumps in the park with motorcycle take-off and landing.
  4. Comfortable in deep water.
  5. Climbing stairs in ski boots.

Camps (Three day sessions):  If you are already an accomplished water ramp skier these camps are for you.   

  • Comp teams Freestyle and Big Mountain
  • Development Team
  • Freestylerz and GTeam
  • Fundamentalz
The water ramps are a great tool for learning risky skills but with low consequence.   Here are some skills you can learn, practice and perfect on the water ramps:
  •  Forward spins both directions. Switch take-offs are risky on the ramps.
  •  Flips -  front and back flips, flat spins and lincon loop (side flips), Double back
  • Off-axis - Corks, Rodeo, Misty, Flat, Underflip, Dspin
  • Moguls - back full, back layout
The list goes on but keep in mind all skills performed on the water ramp must be done on trampolines prior to hitting the ramps. Not a lot of time is allocated for trampoline once we get to the water ramp.   So some goal setting and pre-trampoline training is recommended.

    Elena Gaskell out for a "ski swim"

    SS Freestyle Air Academy Coaches

    Head Coach - Wade Garrod has been training freestyle skiers to do air for over 20 years.  Wade competed in ole' school aerials and learned his air teaching techniques from traditional aerialists and coaches.   Wade believes learning the basics will build a strong foundation so the Slopestyle, Big Air, Big Mountain and Mogul skiers of "TODAY" can excel in a safe progressive pathway - and kick some butt.  Wade has personally trained skiers that have become pro-skiers, X-games Champions, World Champions and Olympians.  Wade carefully selects and trains the coaching staff to deliver each athlete the best possible experience.  

    Also in the coaches line up this summer will be former SS Freestyle Comp Team head coach Graham Pollock and possible guest coach appearances by Laura Chatham, Coach Svin, Hayden Person, Daniel Hoerz and/or Patrick Dew.

    If you want to learn to jump with confidence and with style join the 2018 SS Freestyle Air Training Academy and send it all summer long.  

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