WAITLIST UPDATE : Current status is that several winter programs are full and there is a waitlist until we recruit more coaches.  All Waitlist requests will be notified as spots become available.  Waitlists can hold off on memberships until they have a confirmed spot. 

2021/22 Season


Registration for the 2022 GTeam Ski is now full. 

Step 1 - Click on one of the links below (10 or 14 week) - 2022 Gteam  ~ Full Day Ages 8-13

Step 2 - Once a spot is purchased participants will need to purchase and email their Freestyle BC "Club Athlete" License to admin@ssfreestyle.com.  Note - Participant licenses that are not received at the time of registration risk losing their program registration spot and will be refunded if this is the case. 

Once the above steps are complete you are completely registered.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Email wade@ssfreestyle.com if you have any questions.  Please see Gteam program details at the lower part of this webpage.

Click here for meeting times and locations.

The G-team is an ALL-DAY–ALL-GIRLS program aimed to unite the female freestyle skiers of Silver Star Mountain!

This group is for female athletes between the ages of 8-13 years who have surpassed the Black Diamond level of the FUNdamentalz program and want to learn more about freestyle skiing with a focus on having a lot of fun!

There are two groups you may register under; G-team OR G-Team PLUS.

  • G-Team 10-week groups begin January 8th/9th 
  • G-Team PLUS begins December 11th/12th for a 14 weeks.
  • Program wind up is March 12/13 weekend with the Hot Dog Freestyle Festival
Both are geared towards building skills across all disciplines of freestyle skiing in a fun and safe environment, and introducing athletes to fun competition. This is a skill development program for freestyle skiing.  There are no obligations to do competitions but it is strongly encouraged for all athletes to try and showcase their best throughout the season. G-Team encourages athletes to ski in Freestyle BC Events or club events throughout the season for practice and confidence-building. Our team of coaches will be there every step of the way to ensure that the athletes are feeling stoked and well prepared!

This program is part of the wider movement of GIRLSTYLERZ by Freestyle BC. Together with other BC Freestyle clubs, we will elevate and empower athletes who identify as female through the sport of Freestyle Skiing in a fun, safe, and positive environment. Empowerment, Inclusiveness, Positivity, Respect, and Safety are our core values. Find out more at Freestyle BC Girls Initiative.

Contact our G-Team coach team and SSFC Female Program Coordinators, for any inquiries at gteam@ssfreestyle.com .

Gteam is a proud partner of the Freestyle BC G Style Initiative

G-Style Mission Statement: To elevate and empower athletes who identify as female through the sport of Freestyle Skiing and to grow the numbers and skills of female athletes across all levels of the sport. We envision a future where there is an equal number of male and female athletes at the same level at the same age.






Learn more about our dedication to G-Style ~ Click Here 

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