REGISTRATION updateWinter Registration opens October 15, 2022 to existing members.   Registration will open to public October 18, 2022.  Limited space in some programs so.  

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    COVID-19 ALERT! 

    Our community is in high alert and under strict health authority restrictions. Please ensure your family has read, understands and follows the PHO orders and advisories:  Freestyle Covid-19 webpage -  CLICK HERE.

    To Freestylerz 10 week Skiers!

    Happy New Year! This is a reminder that SS Freestyle Freestylerz 10 week starts this weekend! January 8 & 9 and goes for the next 10 weeks.  Please read the following information thoroughly.

    License / Membership

    All participants have been asked to send proof of membership/license to Athletes MUST have purchased a Club Athlete membership to participate. NO exceptions.  To be safe bring a digital copy of the receipt on your devise.  Click here to purchase the license now. 

    Where and When?


    Meeting LOCATION - B Zone

    Important TIMES:

    ·         8:45am ~ athletes meeting time

    ·         8:55am ~ skiing time

    ·         *11:30am - 12:15pm ~ break time (45min) 

    ·         3:00pm ~  return time - athlete debrief

    Meeting location (ZONE B):

    The Freestyle meeting place is conveniently located next to the Silver Star Mountain drop-off area.   Look for the Silver Star Freestyle Club Tents (Blue) and Freestylerz sign.  For map and general information on locations and times click on the following link:


    *Lunch - Please note lunch is unsupervised. Parents will have to meet their kids at drop off.  Space is limited on the mountain. Please communicate with the coach the return time.  It may vary depending on when the group returns from the morning session. 

    Raffle tickets and Toques

    Parents are asked to pick up 1 book of raffle tickets per participant in the program.   When you pick up a raffle ticket book your child will receive a gift from the SS Freestyle Club and Buy Low FoodsClick here to review information about this years raffle ticket fundraiser.  Draw date is February 20, 2022.  Thanks for the support!  Amazing prizes.  

    Season Pass, Snacks and Gear

    With a permanent marker please write the parent or guardians mobile number(s) on your child's pass. Always remember the pass!


    • To get through the entire day please include a light pocket snack
    • Dress for the weather 
    • Check equipment is ready to ski on 
    At the hill - Enjoy the moment - Don't stress it will be fun!


    • Athletes will be directed to a coach randomly upon arrival
    • Please remind the coaches of your friend requests.

    Groups will be decided in the first couple laps and separated into smaller groups based on ability and friend requests.  There will be some moving around in groups over the first couple weeks until we get settled.  

    Other Information

    What If I am late?

    We leave the village at promptly at the "skiing time" and will go up the Comet for games and warm-up. If you find yourself late please txt Wade. 250-550-5322.  

    Where do I pick up my Child?

    At the end of each session we return your children ZONE B. Same as drop location.  Please contact us if you are going to be late.


    Each skier will receive a Blue Silver Star Freestyle Club Freestylerz jersey. 

    Allergies / Conditions

    Please inform our coaches if your child has any allergies or other conditions. 


    SS Freestyle implemented an extensive coach training program the last couple years. We are very excited to bring you an excellent group of coaches. Our priority is to ensure your children get a FUN, SAFE, LEARNING experience.  If your interested in learning more about the Fundamentalz program CLICK HERE.

    SS Freestyle has huge community support.  We encourage everyone to support SS Freestyle sponsors, partners and local business. It's because of the many volunteers efforts that SS Freestyle can offer quality programming at competitive rates. 

    See you on the slopes!

  • 10 Dec 2021 12:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    A couple more quick updates for this weekend:

    • We are good for volunteers this weekend now!  Thanks to everyone who offered. See you at 8:15 Saturday &/or Sunday.
    • The groups we sent out are rough guesses. We can entertain changes on the day.

    Competitions - We encourage folks to compete in our local events. Both are in March this season. There may be some fun SS Mtn events as well.  "Away"events take more coordination and new folks will have questions about events. Local events are found on the Freestylerz webpage calendar.

    • If you are interested in attending "AWAY" competitions this season please review the "competitions calendar" to see what is posted.
    • If you're new to competitions please let us know if you have questions. This may require a zoom call if there are multiple inquiries.  To gauge interest please click here and fill out the following competition form for our club. 
    • Registration updates:
      • Right now there are links up for Super Youth in Panorama. It may be a little late to get in on this one.  And maybe too early in the season to be prepared. We recommend Big White Regional and/or Super Youth at Sun Peaks. 
      • Big White Regional is a good first time event if athletes are ready to compete in Slopestyle / Big Air. However, registration is not yet available. Again this event maybe to early in the season to be prepared.
      • Sun Peak Super Youth Sun Peaks links are up. This is a good first time event. It is a multi day event so it's a bit of a commitment for families. However the timing of this event will give skiers more preparation time. This is Slopestyle/Moguls and Big Air.
      • IFSA Jr. Freeski events are found at this link:
      • IF you do decide you want to attend an AWAY event it's important you note the registration times and register accordingly. Many events sell out fast. Booking accommodations is the next big priority. 

    Kind Regards,

    Wade Garrod

  • 07 Dec 2021 3:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To Freestylerz Plus Skiers

    Your coaching team would like to welcome you to the program as it starts this weekend. 

    Our season is going to be jam-packed with park skiing, big air, big mountain, moguls and lots of free skiing! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to test your skills in fun, no-stress competitions and develop your skills in all disciplines. Throughout the season there are also competitions which, if ready, your child can compete in!

    Here’s a bit of info to ensure that you and parents get the most out of your time in the club this season: 

    Drop-Off Time: 8:45 (8:55 we leave for our warm ups!)

    Where?: Zone B  (Look for the Big Yellow Buy Low Tent)

    Lunch: Approx. 11:30 am - 12:15 pm (not supervised)

    Pick Up Time: 3pm

    Where? Back at Zone B

    Click here for village map and ALL program meeting locations and times.  **Please note that exact times will likely vary due to Lift Line-ups, ski out times etc**

    Groups will be made up in the first few runs of the morning.  If you have a friend request please stay close to your buddy and let the Head Coach tell our head coach. One friend request per person.  

    When you arrive this weekend we ask each skier goes to a pair of designated coaches.  Here is the preliminary groups:


    Coach Athletes

    Cody Kingston Raine
    Cody Kieran Terleski
    Cody Haile Croda
    Cody Ira Hewitt
    Cody Oscar Galbraith
    Cody Fergus HAYES
    Cody Sawyer Franklin

    Logan/Caden D MAXWELL HARKER
    Logan/Caden D Nikolas Martselos
    Logan/Caden D Jet Ternent
    Logan/Caden D Camila McCool
    Logan/Caden D Cody Kiel
    Logan/Caden D Thiago McCool
    Logan/Caden D Rylar Diett
    Logan/Caden D Jett Hamilton
    Logan/Caden D Daxon Diett
    Logan/Caden D Ty Johannson
    Logan/Caden D Ben Astin
    Logan/Caden D Rohan Dibski
    Logan/Caden D Donovan Scott


    Caden D/Caden C Ronan Spicer
    Caden D/Caden C Aidan Spicer
    Caden D/Caden C noah little
    Caden D/Caden C Mio Pelletier
    Caden D/Caden C Norah Beck
    Caden D/Caden C Jarrett Beck
    Caden D/Caden C Joel Nelson
    Caden D/Caden C Grady Fitzgerald

    Head Coaches

    Saturday - Shane Harle

    Sunday - Caden Colmorgen

    Throughout the season if you ever wish to chat in-person your coach will be available at zone B at the end and the beginning of every session. 

    From time to time the club will ask for volunteers. For example, this weekend we are looking for two helpers each day to help set up tents and hand out jerseys.  Please reply to if you can help.

    Thank you very much for being an active participant in our club and I hope you, and of course your young athlete has an incredible season!


    Shane Harle and Caden Colmorgen



Those on the waitlist will be notified shortly regarding registration for programs in the new year. 


Registration 2022 Freestylerz Ski program is full.

Step 1 - Click on one of the links below (10 OR 14 week) - 2022 Freestylerz  ~ Full Day Ages 8-13

Step 2 - Once a spot is purchased participants will need to purchase and email their Freestyle BC "Club Athlete" License to  Note - Participant licenses that are not received at the time of registration risk losing their program registration spot and will be refunded if this is the case. 

Once the above steps are complete you are completely registered.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Email if you have any questions.  Please see Freestylerz program details at the lower part of this webpage.

Click here to view the 2022 DRAFT Competitions calendar.

Click here for Daily Meeting Times and Locations.

FREESTYLERZ has 10 or 14 week options.

10 week. Ages 8-13

14 week. Ages 8-13

The Freestylerz program is designed to build life-long skiers! The program is aimed at girls and boys who have surpassed the Black Diamond level of the Fundamentalz program and want to continue to advance their freestyle skiing skills while having a ton of fun! Athletes in this program are typically aged 8-13 yrs old.

Athletes receive technical training in Freeskiing, Slopestyle (terrain park), Moguls, and Big Air.  Freestylerz athletes have the option to attend various freestyle and freeski competitions if they choose and everyone is welcome to attend the SS Freestyle year-end Hot Dog Freestyle event!

Freestylerz (Saturday OR Sunday options): This 10-week program starts January 8/9, 2022 and goes through until the Hot Dog Freestyle event March 12/13, 2022. Groups are organised by skill/ability level and we will try to keep friends together whenever possible.  Competitions are encouraged but not mandatory. Camps are optional and are subject to additional fees.

Freestylerz PLUS (One-Day or 1.5 Day options): This 14-week program starts on December 10th/11th, 2021. The focus of this program is the same as our regular Freestylerz program but with a lot more mileage and skill development! The 'PLUS' program includes a modified Winter Break schedule.

Please note, the One-Day 'PLUS' program is Saturday's ONLY and the 1.5 Day program includes training on Sunday mornings. 

Registration deadline for Freestylerz PLUS :  FULL

Registration deadline for Freestylerz: FULL

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