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Freestyle BC Covid-19 'Return to Play' guidelines : Click Here

Silver Star Mountain Health and Safety guidelines: Click Here

All participants MUST FOLLOW ALL Health Authority, Freestyle BC and Silver Star Mountain Covid-19 health and safety guidelines in place while attending the 2020/21 Silver Star Freestyle programs.   

Program Information

The Development Team introduces Freestyle skiers AND Big Mountain skiers to the competitive environment.  Fall dryland sessions are recommended in this program to prepare athletes for 2 days of on-snow training per week and 2-5 competitions per season. Water Ramp and Air Bag training is a requirement to acquire certain air skills starting at this stage. 

The DTeam is for athletes who have chosen freestyle (moguls, slopestyle, big air) &/or freeskiing (big mountain) as one of their top sports. Athletes in this program generally compete in Super Youth or Regional freestyle/freeski events.   The DTeam prepares athletes for a smooth transition to Timber Tour and/or IFSA Jr. Freeski events when they are ready.  *Please note that at this time coaching will not be provided at IFSA events*

Our athletes are ages 11+ and commit 1.5 or 2 days per weekend (+ camps during the school breaks) to training and competitions.  

This is an 'Invite-Only' program.  If you think DTeam is a fit for you please contact

Silver Star Freestyle Club welcomes the following athletes to the DTeam for the 2020/21 winter season! 

  • Alex Rempel-Price (Big Mtn)
  • Cedar Goyette (Academy)
  • Chloe Bicknell
  • Connor White 
  • Elliot Friesen
  • Evan White 
  • Finn De Groot
  • Grayson Witvoet
  • Indio Truscott
  • Jaden Snitynsky
  • Jamis Jackson
  • Kael Hunter
  • Khrystian Catlin
  • Kohl Hendrickson
  • Lars Van Dun (Big Mtn)
  • London Anderson
  • Maeda Pedersen
  • Melody Fagerlund (Big Mtn/Academy)
  • Morgan de Hrussoczy-Wirth (Big Mtn)
  • Nixon Swanson
  • Nolan Williams (Big Mtn)
  • Olivia Henderson
  • Pearl Fogel
  • Ruby Kaltienen
  • Ryder Kaltienen
  • Sawyer Lehr (Big Mtn/Academy)
  • Taylor Lehr
  • Tegan Evans (Big Mtn)

Your Coaches...

SS Freestyle is very excited to introduce a new line up of Development Team Coaches.....

Svin. (Head Coach). Air 1, 2 & 3, Park+Pipe, Fundz Coach, IFSA Coach L100, CSIA 1+2, AST 1, NCCP Sport Psychology, Performance Coach in-training. 

Svin has been heavily involved in the action sports industry for close to 2 decades. From coaching, events management, building and managing training facilities and living the dream of a full time skier. Svin has skied with SSFC on and off for over 15 years and continues to develop his own coaching skills in freestyle, big mountain, performance habits and mindset training.

Jackson Stewart. (Big Mtn). Air 1, Fundz Coach, IFSA Coach L100, CSIA 1+2, AST 1

Jackson grew up skiing at Silverstar, starting as a racer with the VSC and then switching to Big Mountain Freeskiing. He competed on the IFSA junior circuit and FWQ events for nine years. He attended the Red Mountain Freeski Academy which took him to the North American Freeride Championships. Jackson is super stoked to be back this season and share his love of skiing with the next generation of skiers!

Jaxon Peters. Fundz Coach, Air 1 & 2

Landon Gordon. 

Keaton Dick. (Jr. Dev). Fundz Coach, Air 1 & 2

Contact if you have questions.

Upcoming events

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  • 01 Dec 2020 9:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    While everything is still subject to change, the Freeride Jr. Tour schedule has been posted!

    Check it out right here!!

    If you have questions about events please connect with Coach Svin!

  • 01 Dec 2020 9:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hello Dteam Parents, Athletes and Coaches!

    Welcome to the 20/21 Winter Season, I hope you're all doing well and staying safe. It's been said many times before but we're in for an interesting - and different season!

    Many of you attended the AGM call recently and likely have some or all this information already. If that's the case please excuse the repetition however I wanted to ensure everyone going forward was on the same page and had all the info needed to make this an interesting, different and thoroughly awesome ski season!

    Key Elements

    - Everyone MUST be familiar with, and follow the Club's Covid Safety Plan

    - Face-covering are mandatory - The only drawback here is that we cannot guarantee any well-established goggle tans this year. 

    - Our DTeam Webpage is a great place to find training calendars, program info, important links and blog posts

    - Please remember to book your parking spots well in advance to ensure you can get to training, especially Xmas, Family Day, Spring Break. 



    I am beyond excited for our coaching team this year and am confident their experience and skill will provide a well-rounded training experience for our athletes. Please welcome Jamie Rykuiter, Jaxon Peters, Jackson Stewart and Keaton Dick to our DTeam Coaches roster. To learn a little more about who these rock stars are, check out our webpage!


    I really encourage all parents to connect with your child's coach(es) on a fairly regular basis. As coaches we will do our best to keep you in the loop with your child's performance and it's a good idea for all parents to have their coaches cell phone number in the event you need to reach them urgently. Unfortunately with our new meeting spot being at the Red Barn this will likely mean we have less opportunity to chat at the end of each session. If you ever feel as if you're lacking information or simply want to chat, we're a pretty open bunch!!

    Goals and Athlete Contracts

    If you have not yet completed these, please do. The goals are a great way to keep the kids focused on specific targets each season and having that info really helps us create a more thorough and individual-focused training plan by being able to tailor our sessions to each athlete's goals.


    Many of you will have seen the new Airbag Jumps being built! The Airbag site should be running right off the bat providing our athletes with some great early season air training. There is a strict process for training inverted/off axis tricks so only those athletes that have been cleared to flip (on tramp and/or water ramps) will be allowed.

    Big Mountain Athletes 

     IFSA Memberships are required to participate in IFSA Jr. Freeski events. However, at this time IFSA Jr. Freeski Events are still very tentative. Those resorts that are still 'hoping' to run events are considering mid-week dates to avoid extra crowds and some have opted to avoid events entirely. 

    At this time I am still working on the insurance issues so until that is resolved it is highly unlikely we can provide coaches at IFSA events.

    Please note that Back Protection is required for any IFSA event and although you/ your athlete(s) may not be attending events this year, we strongly recommend wearing back protection as it a) protects b) allows you to get used to skiing with the added equipment. If you need assistance with choosing a good quality back protector please let us know!

    SSFC Will be running our own Big Mtn Comp this year as well as many competition simulations and the Tech Series sessions. Exact details will be released once complete. 

    Lunch Times 

    SSMR has graciously allowed our DTeam and Comp Team athletes the use of the Red Barn (Past the Gondola and Magic Carpet at the top of 'Horsin' Around). This is a pretty sweet area although space is limited. Hayden and I have developed a Covid Plan for lunch times and as you'll notice on the daily schedule, lunchtimes for each program have been staggered to avoid large gatherings. We have seating available in the barn, it's heated and lockable. We can allow 1 backpack per athlete to be stored during each training day

    There are NO BATHROOMS or Running Water at the Barn.

    We will explain 'Barn Rules' on day 1 however we are requesting, due to limited space, that if an athlete has a cabin on-hill or a safe lunchtime location that they please use that.

    To access the Red Barn each morning you can ski down from the top or (if you're driving up) I would suggest skiing over to and taking the magic carpet up, then hiking across to the barn.


    This is new territory for all of us and could cause some issues especially around arrivals, congestion coming into the resort etc. My best advice is simply use the calendar on our DTeam webpage so you know what days we're training (especially for Xmas Camps, possible training days for our at-home comps etc) and, if you need parking, book as far in advance as possible. When you arrive at the resort have your parking pass ready for the attendant to scan and they'll direct you to a spot. It sounds like SSMR has it all figured out so I'm confident it'll be simple after it becomes a habit!

    Freestyle Events

    Given the Covid situation and how fast we've all seen things change it's hard to predict exactly what events will be available and what they will look like if available. Currently there are 2 tentative Timber Tour events planned at Pano (Jan 28-31) and Sun Peaks (Feb 25-28). Competing at away-events is not mandatory in any way this year. Event info will be sent out when available so you can make your decisions as to whether or not you wish to attend.

    SSFC has some great home-events on the calendar this year so the athletes will still be able to get some valuable competition experience.


    The Christmas period looks like this...(also shown on our webpage calendar)
    Dec 19/20 - Weekend training as usual

    Dec 22/23 - Tuesday, Wednesday Christmas Camp

    Dec 27/28 - Sunday, Monday training this week to work around Boxing Day

    Jan 2/3 - Standard weekend training days resume.

    4 MORE SLEEPS!!!

  • 20 Nov 2020 12:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Below are the main links that should provide you with the information you need to keep yourselves and your kids safe and skiing all winter long!

    Please read, review and discuss the information with your family members so we're all on the same page and know what to expect.

    It is possible that things may change as the Provincial rules change etc but we're committed to adapting and keeping everyone safe and will deal with changes if they come up.

    Our Covid Safety Plan

    Meeting Locations and Times - **NEW MEETING SPOT FOR DTEAM**

    Competition and Event Calendar

    Please note that the above comp and event calendar is strictly that, it doesn't include the DTeam specific standard training days... that calendar is on this DTeam page!!! 

  • 16 Oct 2020 4:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please take a minute to complete the following short survey by Freestyle BC. 

    Your responses will help FBC get a better understanding of how athletes and families feel about travel, school, costs, and health related concerns as they relate to training and competitions during the upcoming season.

  • 13 Oct 2020 1:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the Development Team webpage! 

    Here you'll find information on the DTeam programs including Freestyle and Big Mountain Training Plans, Calendars and much more.

    We'll also use this blog for team communications!

    I’m super excited to be your Head Coach for the Development Team and thrilled to get to work with all the new and returning athletes!

    Stay tuned for New Coach Announcements, Competition and Event Schedules, and more!!!



SS Freestyle Development Ski and Snowboard Teams 

Skiing - This encompasses the disciplines of freeski, moguls, slopestyle, and big air.  Dryland training programs focus on acrobatic training.  Athletes are encouraged to participate in other team or individual sports and participate in all disciplines of freestyle skiing. Athletes in this program generally compete in Super Youth or Regional freestyle/freeski events.   The Development Team prepares athletes for a smooth transition to Timber Tour and/or IFSA when they are ready. 

Snowboard - Riders will train the disciplines of freeride, slopestyle, big air and dabble with snowboard cross.  This program transitions snowboard athletes to BC Snowboard series events.

Q. What is the SS Freestyle Development Ski Team criteria?  

A. Primarily applicants must be driven, have great attitude, fun to be around and good work ethic.  Athletes must be prepared to ski 1.5 to 2 days per week and participate in some summer and fall training programs. Age group is 11-14 with some exceptions. 

Q. How do I get on the SS Freestyle Development Ski Team?

A. There are two options:

Invitation: This program is generally an invitation program. The list of invited athletes will be posted no later then Oct 15, 2020.

Application process:  If athletes are not on the invite list or unsure if they will be invited but would like to join the program there is an application process.  SS Freestyle and its Coaching Team will help assess if this program is a fit for the applicant.  The window for application is from September 1 to October 15, 2020. 

Applicants can submit requests to join to:

Development Team Ski - and/or

Snowboard Development Team -

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